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Torchwood Services include:

Acclimation & assimilation into local societies
Tech training for ease in jobs and fun
Disguise & blending in with others seminars
Refugee Group Therapy
Cannibalizing and modiying others' tech
Help acquiring jobs for specialized skills

Inquire for jobs or services at a local branch near you.
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Once upon a time, the big bad wolf found a magic blue box in the forest of metal. Inside the Oncoming Storm was unleashed, and the universe was never the same again.

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[ooc: Voice/Video/Text/Action, Date & time as applicable!]
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A compilation of mementos, including a file of pictures of the Doctors kissing himself, various times they admitted sleeping together, and a giant bag of popcorn to enjoy at the same time. Plushies of 10, 9, 4, and 2 toy sonic screwdrivers. A playlist of his favorite songs that can be jacked into the jukebox at Furman's (or if they make their own), and the "baby Boe" hat.

Links to threads & posts, including:
8 naked on the comm + Trolling him
10 licking the console
9 wrote her a poem
Meeting a cyborg centaur with functioning testicles -- she has regrets
Drunk Singing to 4 because Jack wasn't there to make sure she didn't drink too much or take her home safely. -- Also a spanking, a spanking!
10 called her his wife and stood up to Lady Me for her :33

Pictures of the 9th Doctor hot and sweaty and building a boat Yes.

To be continuously added to.
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[Posted in a TARDIS blue spiral notebook which she has used purple to make TARDIS lines into, and white-out to grafitti BAD WOLF in the same way she did for the museum exhibition, Rose has created a notebook for herself. The tricky part is finding a place to keep it that the Doctor won't get to, so she takes a picture of the cover and of herself where she stashes it.]

[In the front page she writes in bright blue:]


[Because if she catches him with it, she will make her mum's slap look kind. Not that she'd slap him, not ever. She would be a lot more emotionally diabolical.]

[On the second page, with the first one having nothing on the back is in regular black ink:]

Do not read until Doomsday.

[The third page is where it really starts, and in the corner right is a small circled page one. Even though the top line with the right has 9/21 1st year in Nautilus.]

There will come a day... )


Oct. 14th, 2013 10:16 pm
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Still getting my footing with Rose so any and all tips will be appreciated!

Anon: on
IP Logging: off
Screening: On!


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